Kristy Troup
Senior Director, Business Operations, eBay Advertising

Kristy Troup is the Senior Director of Business Operations at eBay Advertising, where her teams are responsible for executing the post sales delivery and optimization of display ads and product ads, both on and off eBay.


An e-commerce and Internet marketing veteran, Kristy joined eBay Advertising in 2005, managing the Strategic Partnerships team. She was responsible for revenue and profit goals and delivered an average of 33% year over year growth for three years. She expanded her responsibilities to management of the US Business for eBay Commerce Network in 2012, overseeing the merchant and publisher operations and then went on to serve as GM of eBay Commerce Network leading the business, product, and technology teams.

A native of Connecticut, Kristy graduated from Brown University with degrees in Organizational Behavior, Management and Sociology.