Automatically keep your Promoted Listings Standard campaign competitive with eBay’s dynamic ad rate

We’re pleased to announce our latest update to Promoted Listings Standard. We now offer an effortless way to stay competitive by automatically adjusting ad rates to match eBay’s daily suggestions. You no longer need to manually manage your ad rates, saving you time and effort.

Keeping your ad campaigns competitive in an ever-changing marketplace can be time-consuming. The dynamic ad rate strategy offers you an effortless way to secure high visibility placements by automatically adjusting your ad rates to match eBay’s daily suggestions, removing the guesswork of having to choose an ad rate strategy and simplifying the manual campaign management process.

eBay Promoted Listings Standard ad rate strategy UI laptop screen

You’re in control.

Choose how you’d like your ad rate to be set up—dynamic or fixed. An ad rate is the percentage of your item’s total sale amount (including item price, shipping, taxes, and other applicable fees) that you’re willing to pay when your promoted item sells within 30 days of a click on your ad.

  • Dynamic ad rate automatically adjusts your ad rate to match eBay’s daily suggestion. 
  • Fixed ad rate lets you manually select an ad rate that will not change unless edited. 

The dynamic ad rate’s automatic adjustments are powered by eBay’s daily suggested ad rate, taking the challenge out of determining the best ad rate for your items. Suggested ad rates are designed to find an optimal balance between cost and performance, so you can stay competitive in the marketplace. Daily suggested ad rates are calculated based on a variety of factors, such as item attributes, seasonality, past performance, and current competition for each of your listings.

Already implementing Promoted Listings Standard in your business? When editing your currently existing campaigns, you can now choose to utilize the dynamic ad rate. For new campaigns, this update is now a selection when you’re creating a Simple or Automated campaign.

Note that this is not a feature available for bulk campaigns. 

eBay Promoted Listings Standard ad rate strategy UI laptop screen

The future of eBay Ads.

We highly value seller feedback and base the enhancements and updates to our ad solutions on your comments and suggestions. We love hearing about your experience directly in the eBay Community. Our goal is to continue to build advertising solutions to help grow your business further on eBay.

“Promoted Listings Standard created massive spikes in my business and has truly helped increase sales over the years.”

-Mick, eBay seller (Jeremiah’s Computer Store.)

Make sure to download the specialized reports from the Marketing and Reports tabs in Seller Hub to help improve your campaign’s effectiveness. Launch a new Standard campaign through the button below.

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