eBay Ads data reveals a nation of home mechanics

Amidst ongoing cost of living challenges, new research from eBay Ads UK finds that Brits are increasingly shying away from costly garage and mechanic expenses, instead turning to DIY and pre-loved parts to fix up their cars.

According to the survey of UK consumers, half (50%) of respondents say they would change their car windscreen wipers themselves, while 37% would replace interior and exterior light bulbs, for example. Meanwhile, over a third (36%) would tackle changing a tyre, while a fifth (19%) would install car mirrors — including wing mirrors, rear view mirrors and blindspot mirrors — themselves.

This appetite for DIY car maintenance is supported by insights from eBay Ads UK which show that a growing number of Brits are investing in the necessary tools and equipment to fix their cars at home. In November 2022 searches for ‘tyre puncture repair kit’ on ebay.co.uk were over a third (40%) higher than the same month the year before, while searches for ‘bumper repair’ rose by a similar amount (30%) from October to November 2022.

Younger generations driving pre-loved purchases

Whilst consumers express intent to save, desire to be more sustainable is also driving a rise in the number of shoppers opting to buy pre-loved car fixtures. This trend is most prominent amongst younger generations, with the research finding that almost a quarter (24%) of 17-24 year olds surveyed and 26% of 25-34 year olds regularly buy pre-loved car parts to save on costs — compared to just 9% of over-55s.

Meanwhile, 22% of 17-24 year olds and a fifth (20%) of 25-34 year olds say that the idea of buying pre-loved car parts, rather than new ones, appeals to them for sustainability reasons, compared to 12% of 45-54 year olds and just 9% of over-55s.

As purse strings continue to tighten, consumers are understandably looking for ways to cut costs in all areas of life. Our latest research shows that this includes finding ways to reduce their motoring bills, with a growing number of Brits rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty — purchasing pre-loved parts and carrying out DIY jobs to fix their cars themselves.

Brands and sellers must stay in-tune with how consumer behaviour is shifting away from traditional patterns in light of the ongoing economic crunch. Having an ear to the ground about these trends will help them to prepare and cater to their customers’ evolving needs and preferences in the year ahead — driving sales forward.”

Upasana Gupta, GM eBay Ads UK

With the rise in at home mechanics and pre-loved shoppers, sellers who offer vehicle parts and accessories have a clear opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience with strong purchase intent. Want to make your eBay parts and accessories listings stand out? Check out our Promoted Listings portfolio today.

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