2023 eBay Ads Spring and Summer Guide

As this year’s rainy spring season slowly comes to an end, the time for getting outdoors and spending time out in the sun is here. To best prepare for the oncoming shift in eBay shopping trends over the second half of spring and summer, we asked over 2,000 U.S. consumers what they planned on purchasing in the Home & Garden category in the current and upcoming season.

We compiled the most beneficial results of the survey in the helpful resource below to help our sellers better anticipate upcoming shopping trends, prep for the warmer seasons and be aware of the impact leveraging eBay’s advertising solutions can have on seasonal sales. With eBay ranking as one of the top five online marketplaces surveyed shoppers are turning to for outdoor supplies during the spring and summer, there is ample opportunity to boost your sales and grow your visibility in the Home & Garden category.

In this spring and summer guide, sellers can get a deeper look at these shopper insights:

  • Most sought-after items in spring and summer
  • Generational purchase trends
  • Influential factors for purchasing promoted listings
  • and more!

View or download the full guide below:

Spring into more sales with Promoted Listings

A great way to capitalize on the seasonal shopping trends we’ll be seeing over the sunny seasons is by implementing Promoted Listings Advanced into your online business. Sellers see 50% more sales, on average, when using Promoted Listings Advanced, compared to non-promoted items.1 Appearing higher in search allows more opportunity for eBay shoppers to click on and purchase your Home & Garden listings.

Interested in learning more or launching your own ads campaign? To utilize the benefits of Promoted Listings and increase your seasonal sales, launch a campaign today here.

  • 1eBay Data, 09/22 – 02/23

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