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An eBay member since 2003, Andee Cables is a specialist retailer of high-quality computer cables, connectors and related accessories. The Herefordshire-based seller has an impressive 99.8% positive eBay feedback score. A top-rated business seller, Andee Cables has successfully used multiple eBay marketing tools in order to drive sales via their eBay Shop.

Computer cables and connectors is a very competitive category on eBay, with sellers offering low prices and fast and free shipping to attract customers. Andee Cables has enjoyed great success promoting their listings with a general campaign strategy across 98% of its 1,000+ listings, ensuring prominent positioning across eBay.

To continue to enhance its product offering and address seller demand for additional control levers, eBay developed priority strategyBETA. This campaign type is designed to build on the visibility boost that general campaigns offers, adding higher visibility with all the control a seller needs. Keen to explore further opportunities to drive sales across the eBay marketplace, Andee Cables became one of the early testers for the new campaign type.


increase in sales velocity


increase in impressions


increase in clicks



Campaign objectives

Andee Cables was excited to see whether the enhanced visibility and control features of prorioty strategyBETA would help them grow their sales whilst maintaining a competitive return on ad spend.

Campaign strategy

From 17 June 2021, Andee Cables added priority strategyBETA to their campaign portfolio to increase the likelihood of appearing in the top of search slot. They ran the general strategy and priority strategyBETA concurrently to increase visibility and sales of their items.

Using priorityBETA campaigns, they created two ad groups, with five similar listings in each ad group. To optimise the performance of the campaign, 185 carefully selected keywords were associated with each of the two ad groups (an average of 37 keywords per item). This represented 81% of the top keywords used by buyers.

Campaign results

Following the addition of the priorityBETA campaigns on 17 June, total impressions for the seller’s account increased by 70% which resulted in total clicks increasing by 212% and sales velocity trebling, with an increase of 203%.

Overall, promoting their listings with the priority strategyBETA drove conversion for the seller which in turn increased the propensity for the seller’s listings to appear in organic traffic.

Image quote that says "We at Andee Cables are proud to be a family run UK business delivering high quality products for our loyal customer base across multiple marketplaces including eBay.
As a small business, we have to be smart with the marketing solutions we deploy to advertise our products without eroding our margin. The low-risk nature of Promoted Listings Standard has always been attractive to us and generated good results.
Consequently, we were delighted to be asked to be one of the first sellers to beta test Promoted Listings Advanced and based on the results of this campaign will be looking to include Promoted Listings Advanced in our mix of marketing tools to help us continue to punch above our weight."
Dee Aust, Director, Andee Cables

1eBay data; July 2020
2For the comparison of impressions, clicks and sales velocity (GMB), the pre-priority strategyBETA campaign period is defined as 01/28/2021 to 06/16/2021 and the post-priorityBETA period is from 06/17/2021 to 10/31/2021
**This success story has been updated to reflect the product name changes.

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