Campaign goals

  • Drive greater sales and Promoted Listing performance for a top refurbished electronics seller while under Tinuiti Management.  
  • Improve the ROAS of priority campaigns. 
  • Leverage Promoted Listings with a general and priority campaign strategy to help drive growth going into the holiday season

Campaign strategy

Increase a top refurbished electronics sellers’ investment into Promoted Listings with a priority strategy and reach buyers in priority ad placements across eBay, providing strategic keyword targeting and enhanced budget controls.

  • Participate in Tinuiti managed service offerings for dedicated advertising expertise on their eBay Advertising campaigns to grow their business, improve efficiencies, and save time. 
  • Promote best performing listings. Focus on promoting products converting at higher rates
  • Leverage suggested keywords to ensure listings are visible for buyers searching for like-items. 
  • Be more competitive with slower moving listings. Monitor performance and adjust bids regularly to boost search ranking and drive sales.

Campaign results

Tinuiti’s ecommerce marketplace and advertising expertise, paired with suggested keywords and corresponding bid recommendations available to sellers leveraging priority campaigns, proved successful for the seller in reaching ready to convert shoppers resulting in the following MoM growth:

  • +222% increase in sales 
  • +118% increase in clicks 
  • +143% increase in impressions

Priority campaigns offer enhanced control and visibility for your advertising endeavors on, making it an indispensable tool for scaling performance and gaining a stronger foothold against the competitive landscape. Through its strategic placement and amplified exposure, it equips sellers to fully tap into their selling potential and better strengthen their brand presence and holistic consumer experience.

– Stuart Clay, Director, Commerce Strategic Services, Tinuiti

About Tinuiti: Tinuiti specializes in consolidated full-funnel advertising management to reach customers wherever their attention lives, both on and off of Offering top-tier services spanning from sponsored search, to display and beyond. Tinuiti is a one-stop shop for accelerating eBay performance, refining brand storytelling, scaling active consumer bases, and growing brands. Click here to get in touch with Tinuiti.


eBay data, 10/16/23-11/16/23 compared to 11/16/23-12/16/23

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