3 holiday shopping trends for advertiser success

The way we work, the way we interact, and the way we shop has changed a great deal over the last five months. It takes only 66 days for a new habit to stick, so it’s safe to say many of our recently adopted routines are here to stay. eBay shopping data and a recent consumer study supports this theory. 56% of shoppers are doing more shopping online than they were before shelter in place, and 72% anticipate their online habits to stay the same as brick-and-mortar stores reopen. 

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time for advertisers to start thinking about where and how to meet their shoppers. On eBay, consumers make 8.4 billion searches during the holiday season. Whether it’s gift giving, deals finding, hunting down seasonal decorations or the latest in “ugly” sweaters, people are shopping with intent and cheer this time of year.

Here are three shopping trends—and why they matter—to help create the biggest impact.

1. Holiday shopping is happening online

The online shopping trend will continue through the holidays, with 72% of shoppers saying they’ll make more seasonal purchases online this year and 54% planning to do all of their holiday shopping online. Creating meaningful connections during key shopping moments is paramount for brands looking to activate the season’s merriest shoppers. If one thing rings true this season of giving, it’s this: eCommerce marketplaces, like eBay, are the hottest spot to engage your perfect audience

2. Shoppers are starting early…

As consumers avoid large in-store crowds and rely on the digital marketplace to do most of their holiday shopping, they’ll need to take new delivery schedules (and costs) into consideration. That’s why one in four eBay shoppers plans to begin shopping earlier this year. In fact, 42% will be browsing well before Halloween. Instead of preparing for the usual holiday rush, advertisers should start earlier and maintain a steady, ongoing campaign to reach shoppers all season long. 

3. …And spending more on traditional gifts

At the same time, “home for the holidays” is taking on a literal meaning for this year’s consumers. eBay shoppers are truly getting cozy with their loved ones (60% say quality time with family is a top priority this year) as they prioritize health and safety. As such, money previously spent on seasonal travel and experiences is likely to shift to traditional gifts.

Despite investing less in big travel and live experiences, 65% of shoppers plan to spend the same or more on the holidays than they did last year. Categories like jewelry and watches, virtual reality, TV and movie character toys, and fragrance are growing in popularity on eBay this season. Advertisers can leverage our real intent first-party shopping data and innovative server-to-server audience targeting technology to uncover more insights like these – ultimately achieving greater campaign success during the most wonderful time of the year.

This holiday season is unique, but digital marketers can still make it the biggest one yet. We want to help you put your message in front of shoppers taking advantage of one-of-a-kind deals this season. Connect with us to position your brand for success.

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