Introducing eBay's Automated Promoted Listings Campaigns

Enhancing the seller experience is top-of-mind for all of us at eBay. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce our new Automated Campaigns functionality in the Promoted Listings portfolio.

With Promoted Listings Standard, sellers can help their items stand out among the billions of listings in the eBay marketplace. The best part? They only pay when an item sells through Promoted Listings Standard. With the extra boost in visibility, it’s no surprise millions of sellers are leveraging Promoted Listings Standard to drive sales. As successful as Promoted Listings Standard has been in driving visibility and sales, the setup and ad rate adjustments have required more manual work than sellers would like. And given the dynamic nature of our marketplace, staying competitive with ad rates, to ensure continued visibility, has been a challenge.

The benefits of Automated Campaigns

The launch of Automated Campaigns empowers sellers with businesses of all shapes and sizes to more efficiently manage their Promoted Listings Standard. Whether a seller has one item or thousands of items, it’s important that we offer something for everyone. While creating rules is useful for all sellers, the new functionality is most beneficial for sellers with high turnover rates and ad rate strategies that prioritize competitiveness or for sellers who desire to minimize setup time on the platform. The simplicity of the new experience is designed to give sellers the confidence to set and forget their Promoted Listings Standard campaigns.

Automation and increased control. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Set rules to automatically promote listings. New rule capabilities make it simple for sellers to streamline how listings are added to their Promoted Listings Standard campaigns. Rules are easily managed with filters like price or eBay/store categories, with more options rolling out soon. For a seller with dynamic inventory, this is a huge time saver.

  2. Automate ad rates to stay competitive. By selecting the “automate suggested ad rate” option, sellers can balance performance and costs by having Promoted Listings Standard automatically adjusted daily to eBay’s suggested ad rates. And sellers looking for more control can simply set an ad rate cap, or even use the suggested ad rate as a benchmark and adjust their rate above or below to protect profit margins.

  3. Launch with confidence: Once launched, listing and ad rates are adjusted according to the rules that sellers set, helping to remove the risk of overspending and making it easy for them to set and forget their campaigns. Sellers continue to maintain the same level of reporting and performance visibility they are accustomed to. 

For sellers looking to promote all their listings at the suggested ad rate, it only takes 3 clicks and they’re done. Any future listings added to the marketplace that meet the rule criteria are then automatically promoted.

Here’s what sellers are saying

The initial response from sellers has been very exciting to see. Alex G. of Urban_Achievers said of the new feature, “This is literally something I wanted. If our strategy is to consume new listings into a campaign, this is more efficient, and would mean more sales for us.”

“This is the rule I was looking for...I want to set up a set of rules and those rules would add/remove listings from campaigns.”

Barry Lampert, LuxePharmacy

This enhancement, and the new and streamlined user interface, is another example of our commitment to our seller community. Their feedback fuels our innovative spirit and I’m thrilled to see the early responses to Automated Campaigns.

You can learn more about how you can set and forget your campaigns with confidence on eBay with Automated Campaigns right here. 

Courtney Mayeda
Sr. Product Manager, eBay

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