eBay's Enhanced Advertising Dashboard

At eBay, we’re constantly working towards improving our advertising tools for sellers to make them easier to use with the right data and information sellers need to be successful, which is why we’re excited to share some upgrades and enhancements we’ve made to the Advertising dashboard. 

Sellers now have a more cohesive, streamlined view of their advertising reach, spend and other metrics, making it easier for them to make the best decisions for their business. Whether they want to deep dive or see results at a glance, they can use eBay’s advertising tools with confidence.

What’s new

  • An improved user experience for sellers using Promoted Listings Standard in Seller Hub
  • Additional advertising metrics for sellers such as click-through rates, average sold ad rates, sales conversion rates and more
  • More transparency and initial benchmarking including organic performance data (as a means of comparison with their Promoted Listings Standard data).

Dashboard changes

We launched our Advertising dashboard last year in an effort to make it easier for sellers to check on their Promoted Listings Standard performance (which is currently available to all eligible sellers on the desktop experience in Seller Hub). In particular, we wanted to increase the amount of data that gets surfaced to make it even simpler to see how any given Promoted Listings Standard ad campaign is performing. 

The new and improved Advertising dashboard now gives sellers access to detailed Promoted Listings Standard campaign metrics so they can easily track performance all from this one page.

Here are some of the highlights of the new dashboard…

  • Overview metrics.​ Sellers can quickly understand their performance using new metrics to see the overall health of their Promoted Listings Standard campaigns.
  • Visualize their data. ​Toggle between Campaigns, Metrics, and Time Period filters to visualize their performance trends over time and analyze the effectiveness of campaign changes.
  • Faster load times. Sellers can now see portions of the page without having to wait for the whole page to load, leading to a more streamlined experience.
  • Better integration into Seller Hub. The new Advertising dashboard is seamlessly integrated into Seller Hub, providing simpler navigation and notifications between pages, making it easier for sellers to check advertising performance. 
  • Compare Promoted Listings Standard and organic performance. Now sellers can quickly compare Promoted Listings and organic performance for all of their promoted items. This can help sellers create benchmarks for their campaigns and see the impact of Promoted Listings Standard on their impressions, clicks, and sales metrics.

To help sellers navigate this new dashboard experience, we also created an onboarding tour that highlights the major changes and features on the page. Sellers can access the tour at any time when they have questions, or need some extra guidance on how to navigate their dashboard. (Click on the ‘Take tour’ link located on the upper right corner of the dashboard next to the ‘Create campaign’ button.)

A foundation for the future

This dashboard enhancement is part of our ongoing commitment to improve the eBay selling experience. We’re consistently seeking seller feedback, which has led to many of the dashboard improvements we outlined above. 

In 2021 and beyond, we will continue to lay the foundation of a best-in-class advertising toolset and user experience, creating tremendous opportunity for sellers to scale their business.

We want to send a huge thank you to all of our sellers who have helped provide the feedback we needed to make the advertising experience better and easier. 

Want to learn more about reviewing Promoted Listings Standard campaign data with confidence? Visit our Seller Center for more information.

Courtney Mayeda
Sr. Product Manager, eBay

Gokul Palanivel
Software Engineer, eBay

Licy Ambrose
Software Engineer, eBay

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