eBay sellers find success in 2021

What an exciting year to be an eBay seller. As eCommerce continues to grow, we want to celebrate the success of sellers on our online marketplace. Below are just a handful of stories from eBay sellers in 2021.

Early Success of Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA

It’s only been a handful of months since its release, but Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA is already helping sellers reach more buyers and drive sales.

The Perfect Part heard about it and became early adopters of the new campaign type. Using Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA in combination with Promoted Listings Standard for nearly half their listings resulted in their business growing 15% in just one week.  

Image of a quote that says "Promoted Listings Advanced BETA is a game changer for any seller looking to expand their audience and broaden their visibility... We would recommend Promoted Listings Advanced BETA to any seller looking to get a 'competitive edge' to reach a wider audience and create a following for their business on eBay." - Adam & Cory Zinker, co-founders & CEOs, The Perfect Part

They aren’t the only one finding success. Other sellers are also seeing their business grow from using Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA to boost their listings and optimize their campaigns.

“Promoted Listings Advanced gives a much-needed additional touch on how to generate sales on eBay’s platform. It provides us more time to spend on other areas of the platform. We are excited to see how this solution progresses and the potential growth it may bring!”littlesmokey78, LIttle Smokey Wireless

“eBay’s Promoted Listings Advanced has been a huge success for our store. We are able to reach buyers with the perfect item at the perfect moment. Unlike broader advertising strategies we have tried in the past. Promoted Listings Advanced was simple to initiate, use and track. We were able to maximize ROAS due to the excellent reporting data available”.Steve Kraidman, 1-perfumes

“I think my favorite feature is the ability to download all of the keywords and see what kind of hits I’m getting!… I love seeing what people are searching to find our products” – Jeffry Radspinner, Venture Surplus

We’re looking forward to watching Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA , and the newly released features, continue to drive business growth for sellers in 2022. A big thank you for all your feedback. It has been instrumental in the evolution of the new campaign type.

eBay Ads helps increase return on investment

Partnering with eBay Ads directly can help cut through the clutter on the marketplace. As a results, sellers will unlock other advertising tools to support larger marketing plans. Products like Primary Premium Deals highlight a seller’s inventory by locking in guaranteed placements and putting great deals front and center in the top slots of the Deals page.

Cozy Array  turned to eBay Ads to help their high quality bedding products stand out from other listings during the competitive holiday season. By leveraging Primary Premium Deals, they increased awareness of their products to buyers and ultimately drove sales at a great return on their investment, with a 66:1 ROAS.

Image of a quote that says "The results we have seen partnering with eBay Ads have truly blown me away. Utilizing Primary Premium Deals has helped us increase exposure of our business and drive incredible return on our investment. WE are already booking ad campaigns for this holiday season and look forward to the boost in sales we know we'll achieve together." - Yanky Leifer, Sr. Manager of Marketplaces, Cozy Array

Growing your business with community

One of the best ways to get advice on growing your business on eBay is by visiting our eBay Community. It’s an open forum that’s home to all sellers on eBay. There’s plenty of sellers who credit our community for helping them jumpstart their business.

I don’t think I would have been able to grow like I have without the community—just the amazing things I’ve learned, the business hacks, business models, the tips and tricks to make your listings better.

The eBay Community is a place where you can go in and give a virtual high five and say, “Great job” and really uplift and encourage people. And when you share something, you get that in return.

I would probably have given up had it not been for the eBay Community.” – Liz O’Kane of Colorado ReWorn

Liz’s story is just one of many small businesses we highlight in eBay’s Seller Spotlight series. Read more of these stories on our eBay Community Announcement board or watch the videos on the eBay for Business YouTube page.

The future is bright for eBay sellers. We’re excited to see what new stories unfold in 2022 as we continue to develop new tools to help them grow their business further on eBay.

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