Simplified search query reports and negative phrase match

The team is excited to announce recently-launched features and updates helping sellers be more efficient and increase the likelihood of a sale with Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA .  

Here’s what’s new:

We’ve improved the search query report. You can now view the related keywords for all of the search queries your Advanced campaign listings appeared for in your search query report. Prior to the update, a seller would need to pull separate keyword and search query reports to analyze the data. The update is saving sellers time by offering a simplified view and limiting the number of reports they need to download and analyze to one – something many sellers have asked for.

“It would be extremely helpful for campaign planning and listing optimization if I had the ability to get the actual search terms/keywords and volume for the associated item number (exclusively for my items) that customers use to find my items via eBay search. The actual search filters used would then be the cherry on top.” – Contor23

Not familiar with the report? The search query report helps sellers focus ad spend by identifying high performing buyer queries they should consider adding as exact match keywords to stay competitive. Additionally, a seller can use the report to identify low performing search queries, queries they don’t want their listing to appear for, and add those as a negative keyword. Sellers can download their reports for Advanced campaigns from the Marketing and Reports (pictured below) tabs in Seller Hub.  Simply select the search query report in the “Campaign type” section and download.

Example image of what it looks like to select different eBay report types for download.

Negative Phrase Match is now available. This new match type lets you choose specific keywords or keyword phrases that you don’t want your listings to appear for. Meaning, when a buyer searches for a term that includes your negative phrase match keyword, your Advanced ads will not be eligible for display. Negative Phrase Match excludes your item from appearing for searches that include your negative keyword, including searches with other words before and/or after your keyword, but not between. Here’s a quick example:

You’ve selected yellow socks as one of your negative phrase match keywords. Based on your selection, your ad will only be excluded from buyers using that exact search term, plus any search term that includes “yellow socks” with other terms either before or after the keyword, such as “large yellow socks” or “yellow socks womens”.

This match type will help you focus more specifically on the keywords important to customers searching for products like yours.

Example image showing the entry area to add negative keywords to a Promoted Listings Advanced campaign.

Updates like the two announced here are a direct response to all the great feedback we’ve received from sellers. We are committed to listening and partnering with you to ensure we are offering advertising solutions that help sellers grow their business further on eBay. More updates and enhancements are on the way over the next couple of months.

Until then, we encourage you to visit Ads Academy, our self-paced, e-learning platform offering free, online ads product education for sellers. To access Ads Academy, click on the link at the top right of the Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA campaign management page.

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