CES 2023: Key takeaways for eBay sellers

  • CES 2023 revealed valuable insights on the changes in marketing strategies as tech continues to evolve.
  • Sustainability has become a major influence in modern advertising. 
  • The key methods to improve personability and connectivity to improve buyer trust and loyalty.

CES 2023 brought the wow factor to Las Vegas this January, showcasing the latest advancements in consumer products and technology while also highlighting the new trends and effective strategies for marketing and advertising. For eBay Ads, CES is a great opportunity for the team to connect with the innovative brands and sellers selling on the eBay marketplace IRL. The team is now more energized than ever to help sellers achieve their business goals on eBay. Here’s what got us excited for those unable to make it. 

The most covered topics at CES 2023 include the astounding technological advancements and creations that were unveiled. However, alongside the big, flashy products, industry leaders attending CES revealed so much valuable information about the behind the scenes of retail and eCommerce in the C-Space, where advertisers heard from industry leaders how new tech will impact business going forward. A product is only as successful as its marketing, and there were some very eye-opening conversations surrounding the marketing of digital businesses.

CES 2023 key takeaways

1) Sustainability

If there’s one thing to take away from CES 2023, it’s that sustainability is shaping the future of advertising. Consumers are looking for brands that practice sustainability in their businesses, showing loyalty to those who are publicly sharing their good deeds for the planet. The industry of eCommerce will face continuous changes based on the increased need for sustainability, so business owners may want to consider getting on board with green technology and environmental strategies sooner rather than later. Your customers are demanding it.

Large companies need to be mindful of their carbon footprint, as careless use of collecting data can burn more cycles on servers that creates an unnecessary carbon imprint. Small and large companies can implement using recycled packing materials, opting to use renewable energy, and reducing waste.

In a recent study of eBay buyers and sellers, we found that 32% of sellers named sustainability as a major reason for engaging in recommerce1, the repurposing and reselling of goods, which adds to the popularity of Certified Refurbished and pre-loved items on eBay.

eBay continues to work hard to evolve into a highly sustainable company, making strides to implement energy-efficient practices at our eBay offices and data centers. For example, our exclusive use of renewable energy for our electricity needs has resulted in a significant decrease in total emissions coming directly from our operations. While we still have additional sustainability goals, we have reached major accomplishments in reducing our water consumption, waste output, and transportation footprint. 

You can read more about eBay’s dedication to sustainability here.

Quote from eBay's Chief Sustainability Officer

2) Personability

The more personable and relatable a company is to its target audience, the more loyalty and trust it will receive from consumers. Building upon the relationship a brand has with its buyers is critical in today’s age, as people want to feel more connected to the companies they buy from. 

Storytelling is key when connecting with an audience. Online businesses are encouraged to share a backstory or a bio, with details about the founders and how the business came to be. Get an edge by filling out your ‘About Us’ section, adding deeper detail to product descriptions, and producing quality imagery of both your shop’s profile and your individual listings. Give the buyers a reason why your business is worth connecting with. 

A tip for small businesses aiming to grow their audience is to not be afraid to lean into your niche. Tell a story that will capture the people most aligned with your business’s niche, whether it’s a particular category of collectibles, trending style, or specific interest. That initial customer base can help promote future growth. 

With the astounding growth in search algorithms across consumer shopping platforms, it’s more efficient now to list your products with very specific keywords, so the buyers looking for something exactly in your niche can discover it much easier.

3) Connectivity

Consumers in 2023 want to feel seen and heard by brands. Industry leaders at CES urged the importance of community and listening to the diverse voices of a company’s customer base. A modern, forward-thinking company will listen to concerns and reviews to further improve their service or product, earning trust and credibility from consumers.

It’s crucial to be mindful of diversity and inclusivity when marketing a business, so that those with underrepresented voices feel included and heard. There are multiple ways to implement more connectivity with your brand: linking to social media where you share more about your business and encourage followers to engage with you, or simply reading the feedback you get post-sale and learning from any critiques buyers may have.

Grow further with eBay Ads

Implementing these key tips from CES 2023 can help boost your business to new heights. Practicing sustainability in the ways that you can, promoting new tactics for communication, and being more personable in your brand can kick off the new year with a positive change.

For more highly valuable tips and strategies to help grow your business, we also recommend reviewing our best practices and checking out our Promoted Listings portfolio, designed to help eBay sellers grow further.

  1. Source: eBay Recommerce Report, April 2022

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