Seller Announcement: Promoted Listings Advanced now featuring more slots in search

We’re excited to share that we have expanded on the opportunities for eBay sellers to promote their listings with Promoted Listings Advanced. 

Be seen by even more buyers with even more opportunity.

In addition to the top slots of search, Promoted Listings Advanced ads can now appear in three additional premium placements on the search results page. Now offering seven placements total, your Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA ads have nearly double the opportunity to show up for each relevant query.

Don’t miss out on the chance to boost your online business. Promoted Listings Advanced is the optimal solution for reaching buyers and driving visibility to your listings on eBay offering specified keyword targeting and budget control to advance the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Advanced ads have the best chance of winning an auction to appear in the premium placements on the search results page through factors including quality, keyword relevance, your bid amount, competitive seller’s bids, and a reserve price.

“Promoted Listings has helped me reach a larger audience by highlighting certain listings that I am selling…eBay does the additional exposure for me.”

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Additional opportunities added to Promoted Listings Advanced

We’re always continuing to improve and launch new features for Promoted Listings Advanced. More recent changes we have implemented include:

  • Broad match (New) is best for maximizing impressions and awareness within search, offering the broadest level of targeting available. This keyword match type allows your listings to appear for search terms that include your exact keyword terms, even if there are other words before, between, and/or after your keyword.
  • Search Query Report was recently updated. You can now view all keywords and buyer queries that your Advanced campaign listings appeared for in one place.
  • Quick Setup makes it easier than ever to create a Promoted Listings Advanced campaign. eBay organizes your listings into ad groups and set up your campaign with suggested keywords, keyword match types and bids.

Here at eBay Ads, we implement changes in response to your feedback. We highly value seller feedback and encourage hearing about your experience and suggestions directly in the eBay Community. We’re committed to building advertising solutions focused on helping sellers grow their business further on eBay.

To take full advantage of the benefits of our ad solutions, we recommend visiting Ads Academy, our self-paced, e-learning platform offering free, online ads product education for sellers. To access Ads Academy, click on the link at the top right of the Promoted Listings Advanced campaign management page.

Interested in learning more or implementing your own ads campaign? Read more about how to get preferred access to the new additional premium placements on the search results page with Promoted Listings Advanced here.

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