Promoted Listings Advanced is out of BETA

Here at eBay Ads, we’re focused on implementing ad solutions that align the needs and business goals of sellers like you. In 2021, we launched the beta version of Promoted Listings Advanced to help you increase your sales and grow your business on eBay. Since then, we’ve listened to seller feedback and added features that can help you save time creating and managing campaigns, increase your ads’ visibility, and provide you with the tools you need to evaluate your success. 

After proving the performance and benefits of Promoted Listings Advanced, we are proudly moving to general release. Let’s take a look back at a few of the helpful features we added while in beta.

We enhanced your visibility

  • We gave your ads more opportunities to be seen by even more buyers. Promoted Listings Advanced expanded with additional placements on the search results page to increase the visibility of your listings. Additionally, we made improvements to further prioritize Advanced ads in premium placements.
  • We helped you maximize impressions and awareness by offering the broadest level of targeting with new keyword match types. With broad match, your listings can appear for search terms that include your exact keyword terms, even if there are other words before, between, or after your keyword. Phrase match allows your ads to appear for searches that include other words before and/or after your exact keyword.
  • We made it easier to target the searches that matter most to you. Negative phrase match lets you choose specific keywords or keyword phrases that you don’t want your listings to appear for. Meaning, when a buyer searches for a term that includes your negative phrase match keyword, your Advanced ads will not be eligible for display.

We simplified campaign setup

  • You can launch a campaign in just a few clicks with Quick setup. You select the listings you’d like to promote and eBay will take care of the rest of setup – organizing your listings into ad groups and selecting the suggested keywords, keyword match types and bids.
  • You now have more ways to add listings to your Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns. In addition to creating and managing your campaigns on the advertising dashboard, you can now add a single listing to a new or existing Advanced campaign with just a few clicks  on Seller Hub. Simply select ‘Single listing’ from the ‘Create listing’ drop-down and select the listings you want to promote.

Promoted Listings Advanced eBay seller quote

isn’t the only eBay business finding success with Promoted Listings Advanced. You can read more seller stories like this on the eBay Ads Blog.

We improved tools to evaluate your success

  • You can make updates to your campaigns quickly and see listing, ad group, and keyword level views of your campaign performance with the campaign dashboard. You can now keep your campaigns optimized and better react in real time.
  • The addition of broad match to the search query report can help you identify high performing buyer queries you could consider adding to your campaign as exact match keywords to stay competitive.

The journey from the launch of Promoted Listings Advanced to the exit of beta has been rewarding for both us at eBay Ads and for our sellers. We’re not finished either, so stay tuned for news on future feature releases. We’re eager to hear your much-appreciated feedback and improve your experience as we continue our journey with Promoted Listings Advanced. 

Leverage all the latest enhancements by implementing Promoted Listings Advanced into your online business today. Sellers see a 40% increase in items sold, on average, when using Promoted Listings Advanced compared to non-promoted items.1 Get started below.

  • eBay data 9/22–2/23

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