Reach new buyers outside of eBay with Promoted Offsite

eBay is constantly exploring ways to deliver the best customer experience for our buyers and sellers. Whether it’s solutions to help you launch faster, optimize smarter or attract new buyers, the team is always testing and learning in partnership with our sellers. 

Promoted Offsite, which launched in November 2022 and is currently in closed BETA, is an advertising solution for sellers to increase traffic to their listings by further promoting their items on leading external channels, like Google. This is an opportunity for sellers to increase their reach with the goal of getting more sales, and a great example of how eBay Ads is continuing to evolve our product portfolio to meet our sellers’ needs.

Meet your buyers where they are 

We’ve heard you ask for more control of your listings’ visibility off of eBay. By promoting your listings offsite, you now have the power to increase your reach on external channels, like Google, which connects you with more ready-to-purchase buyers. You can promote your entire eligible fixed price inventory, and only pay when a buyer clicks on your ad, up to your daily budget. Promoting your listings offsite helps you to expand your reach, increase your sales velocity, and grow your eBay business.

  • Quickly launch campaigns for all eligible listings in just a few clicks from the advertising dashboard.
  • Listings will appear off of eBay once a campaign is launched. Exact placement eligibility is subject to external marketing channels’ policies and requirements.
  • Control your advertising spend, only pay for clicks up to your set budget.

Who can use Promoted Offsite right now?

In the initial release of Promoted Offsite we’re focused on testing and iterating before making it widely available. This means we’ll limit to a small subset of sellers that meet certain eligibility criteria. Some of these criteria include seller rating, listing quality, and having recent sales activity from external channels. As we test and learn with sellers promoting their listings offsite right now, we plan to expand eligibility and notify sellers once they have access.

Did you receive an invite to join the closed BETA?  

It’s time to go beyond eBay’s standard marketing and reach more buyers where they are.

Launch a campaign for all of your eligible listings in just a few clicks:

  • Visit the ‘Marketing’ tab of Seller Hub and look for the Promoted Offsite invitation banner* on the advertising dashboard to set-up your campaign. 
  • Name your campaign, choose start and end dates, and set a daily budget. 
  • Review, and you’re good to go.

*This article has been updated to reflect the product name changes.

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