Uncovering holiday shopping habits with Dallen McKee

To help our sellers better understand the key consumer insights shared in the Holiday HQ, we encourage everyone to tune in to the latest podcast episode of eBay for Business featuring Dallen McKee, eBay ‪Ads SMB Growth Senior Program Manager, as he shares information on our latest holiday resources and statistics.

During the episode, Dallen discusses the important questions his team asked online holiday shoppers, including eBay shoppers, including how much they plan to spend, as well as how online ads impact their purchase decisions. This information is crucial for eBay sellers to better understand consumer behavior and optimize their seasonal sales.

Interestingly, we found that consumers are very likely to click on ads promoting products in search on online marketplaces (39%), with 33% of shoppers saying they are very influenced by ads when deciding on holiday gifts. Moreover, eBay is the go-to platform for holiday shopping, as an impressive 71% of shoppers begin their holiday shopping on online marketplaces like eBay. And with 55% of holiday shoppers expecting to spend more than planned on holiday-related expenses this year, you have a real opportunity to boost your sales this holiday season.

Dallen’s insights on eBay holiday shopping trends, combined with the collection of resources in the “Holiday HQ” on ebayads.com, can help eBay sellers better inform their inventory and advertising strategies and drive more sales. So don’t wait—check out the full eBay for Business podcast episode and the holiday resources to give yourself a head start this holiday season.

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