About CPO Outlets

CPO Outlets is a leading retailer of new and reconditioned power tools and accessories, from hand tools to outdoor equipment. Selling on eBay since 2004, they are one of eBay’s largest Home & Garden sellers. 

Campaign goals

Increase awareness and purchases of CPO Outlets Home & Garden inventory on eBay.

Campaign strategy

Solution: Promoted Offsite

  • The ad solution helps eBay sellers to attract interested buyers outside of eBay and maximize your listings’ visibility.
  • Sellers can increase reach on external channels, and expose their store and listings to more ready-to-purchase buyers.

Campaign results

By enabling their listings to be seen by buyers outside of eBay through Promoted Offsite, CPO Outlets generated over a quarter of a million dollars in sales in less than a year, and have even helped them drive sales outside of their core categories. 

  • 11x ROAS
  • $245K additional sales2
  • 3.6% conversion rate3
  • 10% of purchases from reactivated buyers or buyers new to eBay

eBay’s Promoted Offsite ad type has been an effective way for our company to capture incremental sales outside of our standard Promoted Listing advertising. Our external ads drove over 29K clicks since launch and boasts an almost 4% conversion rate. By leveraging the wider reach afforded by offsite placements, we’ve seen a sales lift in our traditionally smaller categories and have used this data to identify new opportunities for growth and success on eBay

– Diana Fry, Senior Marketplace Channel Manager, CPO Commerce


1. eBay data, 2/6/23-11/14/23, reactivated buyers are defined as having not made a purchase on eBay in 12 months or more.
2. eBay data, 2/6/23-11/14/23
3. eBay data, 2/6/23-11/14/23, percentage of clicks that converted a sale.

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