Reach even more buyers with broad match keywords.

What launched?

Starting April 25, 2024, we have updated the definition of the broad match keyword match type for Promoted Listings with a priority campaign strategy. In addition to allowing your ad to appear when a buyer searches your exact keyword even if there are other words before, between, and/or after your keyword, broad match keywords will now also match your ads to buyers based on your keyword’s relevancy to a buyer’s shopping journey. This means that your listings can appear on shopping journeys that are related to your keywords, even if they don’t include the exact keyword terms.

Why is it important?

This update is designed to help you reach a wider audience and capture more potential customers. By matching to a wider range of shopping journeys, you can reach people who are looking for products that you may not have thought to target with specific keywords. This can help you discover new keywords and search terms that you may not have considered before.

Where do I find it?

There’s no action you need to take, this update will be automatically applied to all campaigns using broad match keywords. You can use the search query report to see which search queries your ads are surfacing for.

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