Smart targeting for priority campaigns.

What launched?

We launched a new, simplified way for sellers to create and manage Promoted Listings with a priority campaign strategy. Smart targeting simplifies the setup process while automatically updating and maintaining ad campaign settings. Plus, with smart targeting sellers get access to additional ad placements across eBay, such as relevant listings pages.

Why is it important?

Sellers can save time creating and managing priority campaigns, plus expand their reach and visibility of listings beyond the search results page to additional placements across eBay. 

Now when creating a priority campaign, sellers are able to choose between two options: Smart for a fast campaign setup and automated management, or Manual for more control over setup and ongoing optimization.

Where do I find it?

When you go to create a new priority campaign, you’ll see Smart alongside Manual, which you would use if you’re seeking more control of campaign setup and ongoing, hands-on management. 

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